Bone Inlay Black Console Table/Computer Desk | Handmade Bone Inlay Wooden Modern Pattern Console Table Furniture with 2 Drawer


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Just three and a half feet wide, our new Optical Inlay Desk, featuring bone inlay Moroccan pattern in beautiful Black & White colour is the new work buddy you need. Each piece has been handcrafted in a process that can take weeks using honourably sourced Bone / Mother of Pearl. Delicately carved pieces of bone / MoP have been individually inlaid onto a wooden frame in an elaborate pattern. Layers of coloured resin are then used to fill around the bone/mop. Finally, the backside and inside areas are painted with the matching colours.

Writing Tables are a piece of furniture with a surface for writing on, with drawers and compartments for storing writing material. Writing Tables take up less space than computer desks. If you are looking for just a single table, writing desks are good to go. They are also advisable if you only use your laptop to check your social media every once in a while. Computer desks are usually bulkier.

This handicraft has been passed on to generations and continues to be one of the most sought after interior furniture for living rooms or bedrooms. The intrinsic work done in detail to complete this fabulous piece is of ethically sourced Camel bones that die due to natural causes and resin is used to fill the gaps.

Material: Wood, Camel Bone, Resins as transparent glue.
*** PLEASE NOTE: No animal is killed during the whole process.
*** Exclusive Luxurious Antique Look Indian Crafts created from waste material.
Our year’s experienced Artisan hands give shape to delicate fragments of camel bone. After
providing proper shapes, pieces are appropriately arranged to create a mesmerizing result. If
you’re looking for something unique or luxurious, contact us with your thoughts!
Avoid long-term exposure of this furniture to direct sunlight as it makes use of hand-mixed resin,
and the color may start to fade slowly. Use a damped cloth to clean this bone inlay console
– We provide free door delivery by air freight service
– All furniture will be packed with five layers of protection
– Duties and taxes may charge additionally because it varies from country to country, so we
don’t have any control over it
If you have any problems or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us at VIA Etsy Conversations.
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