Bone Inlay Bedside Table/Sidetable | Inlay Nightstand with 1 Drawer | Optical Bone Inlay French Pattern Bedside/Sidetable/Nightstand


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Optical Blue Bone Inlay Bedside Table | Bone Inlay Nightstand with 1 Drawer Furniture | Inlay French Pattern Bedside/Side table/Nightstand::
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This nightstand is a truly luxurious way of accenting your bedroom. It’s crafted from a range of fine materials, including durable mango wood, resin and polished brass and is inlaid with bone in an Art
This bedside include 1 Drawer which give a enchanting look to bedside.
If you’re looking to create a striking and modern room the Criss Cross Range of Bone Inlay pieces would be perfect. With the luxe brushed brass handles, monochromatic colour scheme and bold cross weave pattern, the Bone Inlay Criss Cross Bedside Table and coordinates would instantly create a contemporary look. Features include metal slides on the drawers.
Bedside can be used at many steps of our life .This bedside can be used for many purposes like we can use this product for keeping our valuable items in its elegant drawer.
Each piece is hand placed with precision into various designs, so it has slight variation across
each hand-finished piece. The delicate strip of bone inlay placed one by one into a beautifully
shaped frame adds a touch of luxury and style. This wooden side table is homemade in
Material: Wood, Camel Bone, Resins as transparent glue.
*** PLEASE NOTE: No animal is killed during the whole process.
*** Exclusive Luxurious Antique Look Indian Crafts created from waste material.
Our year’s experienced Artisan hands give shape to delicate fragments of camel bone. After
providing proper shapes, pieces are appropriately arranged to create a mesmerizing result. If
you’re looking for something unique or luxurious, contact us with your thoughts!
Avoid long-term exposure of this furniture to direct sunlight as it makes use of hand-mixed resin,
and the color may start to fade slowly. Use a damped cloth to clean this bone inlay console
– We provide free door delivery by air freight service
– All furniture will be packed with five layers of protection
– Duties and taxes may charge additionally because it varies from country to country, so we
don’t have any control over it
If you have any problems or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us at VIA Etsy Conversations.
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